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What are cannabis stains?

What are Strains?

Strains are the unique genetic makeup of each plant. Just as there are different breeds of dogs there are also different strains of cannabis that have there own special characteristics


Characteristics of strains

Cannabis strains are identified by many different characteristics. Strains could vary by size, color, growing styles, smells, terpene ratio and cannabinoid ratio. 


Strain effects

Depending on the genetic stain and even environmental factors on the way it was grown and handled will determine the chemical breakdown on the ration of terpenes and cannabinoids. It could make the difference of being legal or illegal in some states. The exact ration of these molecules will give it its signature affect from effecting mood, raising or lowering energy levels to a massive amount of different medicinal uses.  


Cannabis cultivators often cross breed strains to get specific desired combinations of terpenes and cannabanoids for unique flavors and effects. New strains are created everyday. The plant has sex by the pollen from pollen sacks of the male plant getting on the hairs on the flowers(buds) of the female plant.

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