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Delta 3 Carene

Also termed as hyphenated delta-3-carene, 3-carene, or just carene

Delta 3 Carene is a bicyclic monoterpene with unique propanol ring

Delta 3 Carene has the potential to combat inflammation, can repair damaged bones and even promote mental concentration.

It has a strong earthy, cedar-like aroma

Delta 3 Carene when used with limonene and eucalyptol, could help treat conditions like ADHD and depression.

Carene is broadly used in cosmetics, perfume products, and as a food flavoring agent.

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About Delta 3 Carene

Delta 3 Carene is a bicyclic monoterpene and is a much more common terpene found in cannabis & other plants. It has an intense, sweet, and citrus scent. Delta 3 Carene is highly studied for its curious properties, varied uses and benefits. But mostly because of the effects it generates to human body.

Delta 3 Carene is mainly responsible for that cottonmouth effect (a condition in which salivary glands fail to produce enough saliva to keep your mouth wet. Other than this, Delta 3 Carene is also responsible for red eyes and dry throat.



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Delta 3 carene doesn’t disappoint in terms of medicinal efficacy. The terpene encompasses compounds to combat systemic inflammation and can be used to repair ailing and damaged bones. The further studies show its viability towards mental focus and concentration. Cannabis infused with delta 3 carene can be used to treat diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia and even Alzheimer’s.

Beyond medicinal purposes, the drying effect of DELTA 3 CARENE is unique. This does make it a primary application for cosmetic products or in products meant for excessive menstruation or mucus production.

A Comparative Study on Delta 3 Carene revealed:
  • Anti-inflammatory properties in delta 3 carene terpene which is highly effective against acute inflammation

  • Ability to maintain bone repair and encourage healthy bones.

  • Natural additives to the diet. The anabolic activity of delta 3‐carene makes it highly suitable for natural additives to the diet and essential oils.


Bear in mind, there is no evident toxic effects. The overdose of Delta 3 Carene can cause mild irritation to the respiratory tract.



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Can delta 3 carene cause red eyes while smoking cannabis?

Delta 3 carene dries out the body fluids that can cause cottonmouth experience. This ultimately results in dried, reddened eyes while consuming cannabis.

Cannabinoids like THC induce dilation (enlargement) of the blood vessels. The widening of blood vessels can increase blood flow and decrease blood pressure in the human body.

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