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Sabinene is a natural bicyclic monoterpene.

It is the same terpene that gives evergreen trees their smell.

Potential benefits include anti-inflammatory properties and halting cancer growth. 

Sabinene is used broadly used as aromatherapy, and also as addictive food & fragrance.

It is currently being explored as the vital component for next gen aircraft fuels

Sabinene includes anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties.

About Sabinene

Sabinene is a highly popular terpene among wine and whiskey manufacturers. Its earthy oak aromas can deliver a hot, spicy, down-to-earth mustiness taste. As per the research, Sabinene can further help in aiding digestion, calming skin conditions, relieving arthritis, and preventing muscle atrophy.

Sabinene does not count under common cannabis terpenes, the strain its acknowledged for its unique peppery or spicy woody scent. Many users say its scent reminds them of the holidays.

The unique facet of sabinene lies in its therapeutic benefits. Sabinene contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Thus, making it a perfect compound for skin conditions, digestive problems and wound management.


Holm Oak

Norway Spruce

Tea Tree







Grand Master Kush


Red Haze

Chocolate Thai


Harle-Tsu aka Harlequin Tsunami

Super Silver Haze

Super Lemon Haze


Mendo Purps


Sabinene provides an array of benefits to the human body. One can use this terpene to improve health and wellbeing. Sabinene can be used as:

  • Excellent antioxidants to combat skin aging.

  • Anti-inflammatory: A significant concentration of Sabinene can be used to treat skin inflammation and dermatophytosis.

  • Antibacterial: Sabinene is highly effective against gram-positive bacteria.

  • Anticancer properties: studies on Sabinene show its potential in fighting the proliferation of malignant tumors related to leukemia.

  • Remarkable antifungal and cytotoxic activities.

Everyday uses of sabinene

You may haven’t noticed; you encounter with sabinene every time you sprinkle black pepper in your dishes. The data discloses that an average American consumes 14 micrograms of this sabinene every day. Sabinene, other than flavoring the food, is widely used in tree tea oil. Its antiseptic or antifungal benefits constitute towards heal and wellness. Sabinene is broadly used compound in:

  • Food and cosmetic industry as a flavoring and fragrance in a wide variety of products.

  • Sabinene contains antioxidants properties, which makes it highly valuable compound for aromatherapy,

  • Plants containing Sabinene were used traditionally for wound healing.

  • Some western medicine also makes use of the sabinene properties for its effectiveness against inflammation.

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