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Valencene is a rare terpene found in small amounts in cannabis strains

It has a sweet orange, fresh herbaceous aroma.

Valencene has anti-inflammatory properties and is a powerful insecticide for preventing ticks and mosquitos.

Its effect and aroma are often compared to limonene.  Like limonene, valencene is known to produce a euphoric, uplifting feeling.

The terpene is named after Valencia oranges, which is the primary source of valencene terpene.

About Valencene

Valencene belongs to a larger, complex group of terpenes known as sesquiterpenes. What are sesquiterpenes? Sesquiterpenes are accredited for their soothing effects, and they support and protect the immune system from harmful microbes. In simple words, sesquiterpenes act as antioxidants and aid in cellular repair.

Valencene Terpene tastes more like oranges and has a sweet, herbal flavor.

The unique facet of valencene is in its anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a viable compound for a powerful insecticide and is often used in mosquito repellents & other pest control products. Besides insecticide products, valencene is also used in personal care products and beauty products. Its aroma and anti-inflammatory properties can also be infused into olive oils or other food ingredients to enhance flavoring

Plants Containing Valencene

Valencia oranges





Chinese Bayberry

Strains High in Valencene


Agent Orange


Sour Diesel




Jack Frost

California Orange Bud

Health Benefits and Uses

The health benefits of valencene are quite similar to citrus terpene limonene. It produces exhilarated, mood-enhancing effects when extracted from cannabis. Though the research is not substantial, a scientist has found a optimistic health benefit associated with valencene – which can ultimately provide potential medical applicability, such as minimizing inflammatory response and enhancing the body’s immune response. These findings are further backed by a study conducted on mice, where valencene displayed inhibitory anti-allergenic activity in mice.

Furthermore, valencene terpene can be used as a skin protectant and can relieve skin conditions like itching, inflammatory response, and further penetrate skin barrier protection. The penetration even creates the potential for preventing and treating different skin-related cancers.

A more concise study observed that valencene can enhance the effectiveness of doxorubicin, a chemotherapy drug frequently used to revolt cancer cells.

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