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Phytol is acyclic diterpene alcohol available in small quantities in cannabis.

Phytol is well-known for its grassy scent and is mostly found in green tea.

Phytol is used as a precursor for the manufacturing of synthetic vitamin E and vitamin K1. 

Phytol is legally and illegally used to dilute the pure oil of cannabis

Phytol acts as an antioxidant as well as an antitumor agent

Evidence suggest its practicality for relieving pain, inflammation, and anxiety

About Phytol

The terpene Phytol can be found in various varieties of cannabis, along with other plants like green tea. Phytol is well-known for its grassy scent and is frequently employed as an antecedent in the manufacture of synthesized vitamin E as well as K1 and food additives. There is evidence to suggest it could be utilized therapeutically for relieving pain, inflammation, and anxiety. It can also act as an antioxidant as well as an antitumor agent, in addition to an anticonvulsant and sedative.

Phytol's usefulness in cannabis is attributed mostly to its anti-inflammatory properties. As phytol also has beneficial effects on the skin, it's a good choice for marijuana concentrates used as transdermal patches.

Medical benefits of Phytol
  • Antischistosomal Properties: Phytol has promising antischistosomal characteristics which can be used for the treatment and control of schistosomiasis.

  • Anti-cancer properties: Phytol induces apoptosis in human gastric adenocarcinoma AGS cells and may be appropriate for cytotoxic approach.

  • Antidiabetic properties: The anti-diabetic effect of phytol improves lipid metabolism which ensures beneficial effects on insulin resistance, obesity, and diabetes.

Source of Phytol

Phytol is naturally found in green tea varieties like matcha and in cannabis plants (in small quantity). However, in cannabis, Phytol appear as a cutting agent in vape pens. Other than green tea and cannabis, it is widely found in Cheese and Sour Diesel.

Where is Phytol commonly used?

Apart of cannabis, phytol is broadly used a key detergent in cleaners and detergents.

In the cannabis industry, phytol is used to dilute the pure oil of cannabis. It's an inexpensive diluent method commonly employed by vape cart manufacturers of the black market. Bear in mind, these illegal carts do not have laboratory-tested potency information in their labeling.

Is Phytol safe for vaping?

In 2019, when cannabis vaping pens grew exponentially, vape manufacturers endorsed that their products were safe. Even though there was no clear understanding or evidence of what ingredients might be dangerous, two ingredients i.e., phytol and propylene were widely used as thinning agents for cannabis extraction.

As per the research published in Inhalation Toxicology, phytol was found significantly more toxic than propylene glycol.

Phytol is a terpene best suited for its presence in green tea and can serve as a promising antioxidant.

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