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Primary EndoCannabinoids


Though some cannabinoids like THC and CBD have gained lots of popularity among scientists and in medical field, there are other non-psychoactive cannabinoids that are still under evaluation - but has the potential to become useful in the near future. One such example is - CANNABIELSOIN (CBE) – which is also the least researched cannabinoids. Right now we know very little about this cannabinoids but the world is acknowledging the benefits of cannabis.  

CANNABIELSOIN (CBE) was first discoursed in a scientific publication, 1973 with no info on its structure. One year later, its structure was recognized using cannabidiol (CBD) as the preliminary material. Further in the year 1983, a researcher at Ohio State University

In the year 1983, a researcher at the Ohio State University performed the first biologically catalyzed synthesis of CBE and also carried out the first bio-transformation of any cannabinoid through plant tissue culture systems.

“A plant tissue culture is a process of culturing plant seeds, tissues, structure, cells, or protoplasts on a chemically defined synthetic nutrient under sterile conditions of light, temperature, and humidity.”

This same process was accomplished in Japan,1988. CBE is derived from CBD during metabolic process. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that CBE is a metabolite of CBD. We can also assume that same non-psychoactive feature of CBD will be available in CBE.


The future of CBE is still unidentified. Since there’s a lack of research on cannabinoids due to restriction, CBE & its medical potential lacks solid evidence. A little research shows that CBE has entourage effects.

In simple term, CBE is assumed to provide a therapeutic effect to human body when combined with other cannabinoids.  – although its effects are yet to be explored. It can provide following benefits to human body:

  • Anti-Psychotic Effects – Consuming CBD can alleviate Psychotic effects

  • Anti-Tumor Effects – CBD have proven useful for treating cancer. The research show a decrease in tumor growth and also death of cancerous cells.

  • Treating substance use disorder – CBD can be used to treat substance use disorder.

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